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      This gorgeous handcrafted clay dish is a beautiful way to keep your jewellery and trinkets on display or alternatively he looks pretty damn good on his own.
      Dimensions are approx. 10cm across.
      Nectarina textured finish made from clay and acrylic paint. 

      Please note that due to the products being handcrafted and the nature of the materials being used, your item may differ slightly to the one’s pictured.  Slight imperfection may be visible including bubbles and surface variations this is normal and adds to the beauty and unique characteristics of the item.

      Each item is handmade with love in my studio on the Mornington Peninsula. Once dried and sanded they are then finished with a water resistant sealer to protect against stains and water damage. Air dry clay is not however food safe or water proof.

       Please keep these pieces indoors and clean with a dry or slightly damp dust cloth if necessary. Use with products such as candles and incense can cause discolouration over time. It is important that you never leave candles or incense burning unattended.

       I hope you love these pieces as much as I love making them.